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Ryan M. Knight, Esq.

Ryan Morgan Knight brings several years of diverse immigration experience to his practice. From handling corporate transfers, family petitions, unskilled labor filings, asylum claims, investment visas, National Interest Waivers, USCIS interviews, religious workers, employment-based green cards, removal proceedings, J-1 physicians, and everything in between, there are few areas within the immigration complex that Ryan is not familiar with. He particularly excels with the most difficult cases – the long-shot H-1B, the small E-2 investment, the start-up L-1, the missed site visit, the struggling artist, etc.

A strong legal writer and extremely well-versed in governing statutes, regulations, and case precedents, he has filed numerous appeals with the AAO, BALCA, BIA, and the 4thCircuit. He has succeeded in handling filings in both boutique and volume-based environments, and he remains constantly engaged in the field by reviewing Congressional legislation, attending panels and conferences, and participating in the notice-and-comment procedures for new regulatory schemes. Ryan has been unfazed by recent changes under the Trump administration because he has always focused on work product above all else; when clients receive a copy of their filing they are confident they received the best legal representation – including the initial filing.

Ryan has represented companies and individuals within the tech, finance, health, and non-profit sectors, and has worked with individuals from all over the world. He is barred in Maryland and licensed to practice U.S. immigration law throughout the U.S. He earned his law degree from WVU College of Law and holds and undergraduate degree in History and Museum Studies from the University of Iowa.


  • Maryland      State Bar


  • American      Immigration Lawyers Association
  • Washington      Area Lawyers for the Arts

Presentations, Activities & Events

  • NFIB Small      Business Day in Richmond, VA (2020)
  • Immigration      Nerds Podcast: Social Media Surveillance: Expansion in Data Collection by      Government Agencies (2019)
  • Immigration      Nerds Podcast: White House New Immigration Policy Proposal: A Merit or      Family Based System? (2019)
  • Erickson      Immigration Group: Navigating Consultations (2019)
  • Erickson      Immigration Group: H-1Bs & RFEs (2019)
  • AILA      National Day of Action (2019)
  • Georgetown      University: Asylum and Matter of A-B- (2018)
  • Dimensions Hospital      (Prince George’s County, MD): The Travel Ban (2017)
  • Triway China MPS Delegation:      U.S. Immigration Overview (2016 & 2017)
  • Fayad Law:      Special Counsel to the Commonwealth of Virginia for Immigration Matters      (2015)
  • 4th Circuit Court of      Appeals: Githinji v. Lynch (2015)

Publications & Articles

  • ICE      Repatriates Ancient Sculpture to Libya (2019)
  • Public      Charge Rulings (2019)
  • Congress      Holds Hearing on USCIS Processing Delays (2019)
  • 1st     Circuit Rejects Argument that Domestic Violence falls under CAT      Protections (2019)
  • Defining      Art in the Immigration Context (2019)
  • Mandatory      E-Verify Legislation Reintroduced in the Senate (2019)
  • TPS      Extended for South Sudan (2019)
  • EOIR      Case Reduction Strategy Released through FOIA Request (2019)
  • Citizenship      & The Census (2019)
  • 2,500      Year-Old Relief Returned to Iran (2019)
  • 9th     Circuit Holds Date & Time Not Required on NTA for Jurisdiction to Vest      (2019)
  • DHS      Releases H-2 Country List: Mozambique and Philippines Headline Changes      (2019)
  • USCIS      Accepting Negative O&P Consultations Directly from Labor Unions (2019)
  • Does      the U.S. Benefit from Accepting Syrian Refugees? (2018)
  • The      Death Knell of Administrative Closure (2018)
  • Criminal      Convictions and Immigration (2018)
  • Asylum      – A 1st Circuit Distinction between “Unwilling” and “Unable”      (2018)
  • Animal      Fighting Considered a CIMT (2018)
  • Popular      Destinations for Migrants to Europe (2018)
  • ICE      Raid: Latest Worksite Enforcement Action Takes Place in Texas (2018)
  • USCIS      No Longer Obligated to Issue RFE’s & NOIDs for Deficient Filings      (2018)
  • TPS      Extensions for Yemen an Somalia (2018)
  • New      De-Naturalization Unit (2018)
  • A      Policy of Warrantless Border Searches Should Follow the Democratic Process      (2018)
  • Matter of Negusie     – Persecutor Bar & the New Duress Defense (2018)
  • NCAAP      Challenges Decision to Terminate TPS for Haiti (2018)
  • OPERATION      STREAMLINE: Zero Tolerance, Family Separations & International      Obligations (2018)
  • DHS      Eliminates WW2-era Visa Exemption for Caribbean H-2A Workers (2018)
  • USCIS      to Start Referring Cases to Immigration Court (2018)
  • DHS      Takes Active Role in Recovering Iraqi and Syrian Cultural Property (2018)
  • Alternative      Job Requirements on a PERM? List Them In Advertising (2018)
  • Supreme      Court Returns to Law School Basics for Due Process Victory (2018)
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  • AG      Sessions Redefines Asylum Claims (2018)
  • Immigration      and Religion Overlap: The Book of Ruth (2018)
  • ICE      Returns Stolen Cultural Property to Spain (2018)
  • FY2016      Entry/Exit Overstay Report (2018)
  • Filing      an Asylum Claim within One Year – A New Hope (2018)
  • New      USCIS Policy for Students (2018)
  • I-9      Compliance in a New World (2018)
  • Restricting      Refugee Admissions – Iranians Fleeing Persecution (2018)
  • DHS      Terminates TPS for Nepal and Honduras (2018)
  • Unsatisfactory      Treatment at ICE Detention Facilities (2018)
  • Possible      Increase in H-1B Site Visits (2018)
  • Trump      Administration Ends TPS for El Salvador (2018)